Dark Moon in Taurus

Dark Moon in Taurus

Posted by Tree of Life on May 14th 2023

The Dark of the Moon is the time from the last visible waning crescent, to the first visible crescent of the New Moon.

The Dark of the Moon is sacred to the Goddess in Her aspect as the Crone- She who is the Wisdom Keeper, The Seer, The Grandmother, The Healer. She invites us to look within ourselves with Honesty and Compassion, and work with our Shadows: anything from overcoming addiction or healing past traumas.

Embracing the Dark Moon energy in Taurus invites us to explore our attachments, possessiveness, and patterns of resistance to change. It encourages us to confront our fears around scarcity and cultivate a sense of security within ourselves.

By delving into the shadowy aspects of Taurus and drawing upon the transformative power of the Crone, we can gain a deeper understanding of our desires, release outdated beliefs, and nurture a more balanced relationship with our possessions and resources. This combination of energies supports the integration of wisdom, patience, and self-reflection, allowing us to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience.

The New Moon begins at the first visible waxing crescent.
The New Moon is sacred to the Goddess in Her aspect as the Maiden- She who is Potential, Discovery, and Creativity. She invites us to look within ourselves for inspiration. She invites us to dance and play; to test ourselves, to challenge our limitations, and discover our potential. The New Moon is a time of Initiations and of new beginnings. It's a good time to set intention, begin new projects, and to plant the seeds of that which we want to nurture in our lives.

The new Moon in Taurus brings an abundance of intuition, encouraging introspection and reception over external observation and action. This Moon highlights the inner resources available to tap into skills to create harmony and balance in life. The message of this new Moon is do not fear the unknown, and envision a version of yourself who remains calm in the face of adversity and knows how to handle any potential challenge. As you ride the beautiful vibrations of this new Moon, feel your potential to create the life you desire and deserve. Throughout Taurus season, look for opportunities to uncomplicate your life, slow down, and find stillness, connecting with nature.