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Ostara - The Spring Equinox

March 21st

Ostara,(O-STAR-ah), also known as Eostre by the Saxons, is the teutonic Goddess of spring and the dawn. Her festivals are known as Ostara, Eostre's Day, Alban Eilir, Festival of the Trees, and Lady Day. The festival begins on or around the Vernal Equinox, and depending on the traditon can last several days.


At this time, the egg laying instinct in some birds, most notably chickens, is triggered by the lengthening of the day and marks the beginning of Spring...

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Ostara Ritual and Celebration:

Welcoming the Coming of Spring

with John Hijatt
Thursday, March 21st

5:30pm $13

*limited to 30 participants*
*pre registration suggested*
*5:30pm doors close and the Circle is Cast*

Join us as we Celebrate the Spring Equinox!


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