Lammas - Lugnasadh - The First Harvest


August 1st

Lammas,  (LA-mas) or "Loaf Mass", also known as Lughnasadh in the  Celtic tradition, is a time of profound connection with nature, celebrated at the midpoint between the summer solstice and autumn equinox. We honor the first harvest of the year, particularly grains like wheat and barley, which sustain us physically and spiritually. Baking bread from these grains symbolizes the transformative power of nature's cycles and fosters a sense of community and abundance. 

Crafting corn dollies is a common tradition during Lammas, representing the harvest goddess and the spirit of the grain, acknowledging the magic inherent in the natural world. Lammas is a season of reflection on the ever-changing Wheel of the Year, embracing the cyclical nature of life, birth, growth, death, and rebirth. 

 Magic thrives during Lammas, as we set intentions related to abundance, prosperity, and healing, acknowledging our co-creative role in the universe. Lammas deepens our bond with the land and its spirits, inviting us to be present and attuned to the transition and transformation of the coming autumn season. As we harvest the lessons of our lives, we release what no longer serves us and embrace new opportunities and growth.


The Wheel of the Year continues to turn, and daylight is now visibly waning as the mature Lord of the Forest and Field becomes more the Wise Sage and his power and awareness begins to pass from without to within. The Pregnant Mother Goddess rules beside Him as they both bask in the bounty of Nature in this, the beginning of the harvest season.


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