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Lammas - The Grain Harvest

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Tree of LIfe is proud to welcome Authors Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor Thursday July 27 for a very special EVENT!

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Wheel of the Year

Lammas Grain Ripening in the Sun

August 1

Lammas,(LA-mas) or "Loaf Mass" (Anglo-Saxon), also known as Lugnasadh (Irish Celt), Lùnasdal (Scottish), Calan Aust (Welsh), Lugunassatis (Gaul), and Feast of First Fruits, is celebrated on or around August 1st. Lammas celebrates the first of the major harvest festivals of the year, that of grain or "Corn".

In England during the medieval era tenants were required to present to their landlord the first of the freshly harvested wheat crop. The first corn from this harvest was baked into a ceremonial loaf and given as an offering to the Gods.The last sheaf of corn was not consumed but kept back and made into a effigy to represent the spirit of the corn and the harvest, sometimes called John Barlycorn. The effigy was placed at the center of the feasting table and then next year when the fields are being prepared for the sowing of new crops, it was ploughed back into the soil so that the spirit of the sun and the corn did not die.

Among pagans, (especially those with Celtic roots), the most common name for this holiday is Lughnasadh, (loo-na-sa), in honor not of the God Lugh, but that of his foster mother Tailtiu. Tailtiu died while clearing the plain of Breg in County Meath for agriculture. Lugh instituted funerary games called Áenach Tailteann in her honour, which continued to be celebrated as late as the 18th century.

The daylight is now visibly waning as the mature Lord of the Forest and Field becomes more the Wise Sage and his power awareness begins to pass from without to within. The Pregnant Mother Goddess rules beside Him as they both bask in the bounty of Nature in this, the beginning of the harvest season.

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Upcoming Events at Tree of Life

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Sunday August 6

Public Full Moon Ritual and Celebration

Join us in a celebration of the abundance of the Full Moon!

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Friday August 11

Shamanic Goddess Circle

Create your Eclipse Alchemy Crystal Altar for the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017.

Initiation occurs August 11 as the Perseid Meteor Shower rains streaks of Message Fire to ignite your Crucible of Change. Big energy and major shifts are ahead. How do you want the flow to go for you?

We'll use our crystals and some of Diana's to build a group Crystal Altar and charge it up with our willingness to transmute the Shadows into new Light.

In Guided Journey we'll receive our own personal Message Fire to take to our home altars. When the Shadow Vibration is released, we’ll be ready, and Alchemize the fear out of it!

BRING crystals you would like to have as part of your home altar. And, of course, Diana will have many for sale.

AND - as always you are invited to dress like the Goddess you are! Plus, spontaneous dancing may occur!

Inspired by my own experiences, teachers and wise advice from The Goddess.

About the Shamanic Goddess Circle

Reawaken the Divine Feminine within you and reclaim your natural, wildish nature. Did you forget you were a Goddess in order to survive through the chaos of this world? Sink your roots into the ground and feel into the life-giving energy available to us all as women.

Every month is different - just like we are. Join in this open Circle and journey down the powerful rivers of feminine intuition and healing magic. You'll learn and experience shamanic techniques for personal growth and healing and discover your own personal Goddess self.

Who is Mara Clear Spring Cook?

Mara is a Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher and Reiki Master. She sees private clients for soul retrieval, shamanic healing, one-on-one Shamanic Training, Reiki, space clearing and blessing, guided journey and more - both in person and distance. She leads Shamanic Circles: Goddess, Drumming and Sound Journey. Mara also teaches people how to follow the path of the shaman in First Step Shamanic Training and intermediate and advanced Shamanic courses. She teaches and installs the Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki as taught by Dr. Villoldo and the Four Winds Society.

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Friday August 18

Ocean Magic Wrap Bracelet Workshop

Limited to 30 participants, so sign up early!

Calling all mermaids, sirens, sea dragons and lovers of Mother Ocean!

More than your typical jewelry making class! This class takes on a creative journey to explore the power and beauty of the sea. Each participant will choose from ocean themed magical charms which hold symbolic messages of hope, support and healing.

A guided meditation will allow us to explore the personal message that mother ocean and the water element hold for us. Aromatherapy will also be used to enhance our experience. With this knowledge as our guide, we will create bracelets using natural ocean themed beads such as larimar, moonstone, shells and pearls. You will learn about the healing properties of these materials as you create, and your charms will be incorporated into the design.

Your finished creation will be a beautiful reminder of your connection to the sea. No jewelry making experience is needed and all materials will be provided.

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Friday August 25

Tarot III: The Esoteric Tarot

In this workshop we will explore each of the major arcane (trumps – 22 cards) and the minor arcane (pips – 56 cards), in relation to the colors, the elements, astrology, and numerology.

We will also enjoy some simple tarot readings with individual guidance and feedback. This class is open to students of all knowledge levels!

Individual guidance and feedback provided. Books and Tarot decks will be available for use during workshop. Please bring your favorite Tarot deck (if you have one), water, notepad and pen.

Anya is an International Claircognizant Psychic using tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, Angel Cards, Runes and Numerology as her tools. She has been a Professional Psychic for over 15 years. She has worked in New York, England, Ireland, Peru, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and throughout San Diego County.

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