Wheel of the Year


Sept 19-22

Mabon, (may-bon), also known an the Autumn Equinox or Harvest Home, marks the second of the three main harvests: the apple or wine harvest. This is a time of thanksgiving and contemplation; a time when nature is in full bloom and heavy with the bounty of the Goddess. As offerings of thanksgiving we place on our altars the fruits of the season: apples, grapes, and dried corn. In some traditions, a corn dolly is made, blessed, and ritually burned to symbolize the passing of the light, and the beginning of the dark half of the year

But for now, night and day are in balance. From this time on days will become shorter and shorter. But we do not mourn the dwindling sunlight because as the Wheel turns, we know that all endings are merely new beginnings, and the light shall return.

The God in his aspect as the Wise Sage, begins preparations for Samhain and his journey into Death. For the Goddess, this is a bittersweet time. Though she rejoices in the earth's bounty, She knows that she will soon bid fairwell to the God and begin her lonely reign as the Wise Crone.