Samhain Blood Moon Ritual and Celebration

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Samhain Blood Moon Ritual & Celebration

Saturday October 28th

As we step into the season where Autumn swiftly transforms into Winter, an energetic shift is underway. This time of year holds special significance for various traditions, including Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, All Souls Day, Hallowe'en, Winter Finding, and others, all of which share common customs to acknowledge the thinning of the veils, allowing the ancestral spirits to draw near once more.

Ancestors encompass more than just those connected to us by blood. They also include:

  - Those who have left a profound impact on us, like cherished teachers, mentors, or dear friends. 

 - Inspirational figures who have stirred our spirits with their remarkable stories.

 - Our adopted families, who become our ancestral lineage through love and commitment.

 - Those who have championed causes such as Equal Rights, the abolition of slavery, or served in the military, fighting for noble ideals.

During this gathering, let us pay tribute to those who have crossed into the realm beyond. Feel free to bring a photograph or the name of someone you wish to remember at this event (approximately 2x2 in size to accommodate others).