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Patchouli Root Bundle
Patchouli Root Bundle

Name Price Order
Patchouli Root Bundle $12.00 /each

Tea Ball Diffuser
Tea Ball Diffuser

Herbal tea diffuser. Turn herbs into herbal tea, just add hot water!

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Tea Ball Diffuser $4.25 /each

Cheesecloth Bag
Cheesecloth Bag

These bags are perfect for amulet or mojo bags, for herbal sachets, for herbal or spice infusions, or for infusing your bath with salts or herbs.

Name Price Order
Cheesecloth Bag $1.00 /each

Bat Nut/Devils Head Pods
*NEW* Bat Nut/Devils Head Pods

The Bat Nut, also known as Devils Pod, Goat Head, Bull Nut and Buffalo Nut, is the seed pod of Trapa bicornis,or Water Caltrops an aquatic plant orginating in Asia. This interestingly sculpted botanical oddity looks like a leering goat-horned devil, an enraged bull, or a flying bat.

People have long used the Devil Pod to Ward Off Evil, and for that purpose they place it above a doorway, facing outward as an apotropaic charm, much as in the manner of a Roman Janus or Tibetan door demon. Some people also carry a Devil Pod in a red or black bag and anoint it with Protection oil to ward off those (or that) which would cause them harm.

Name Price Order
Bat Nut/Devils Head Pods $3.50 /each

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Name Price Order
Adam and Eve root $3.25 /pair
Agrimony $1.50 /ounce
Allspice $2.25 /ounce
Angelica Root $2.75 /ounce
Ashwagandha $2.50 /ounce
Balm of Gilead $6.00 /ounce
Basil $1.75 /ounce
Bats Head Root $4.00 /each
Bay Leaf $3.25 /ounce
Benzoin $2.75 /ounce
Beth Root $2.75 /ounce
Birch Bark $2.50 /ounce
Black Cohosh $2.75 /ounce
Blessed Thistle $2.75 /ounce
Blue Cohosh Root $5.00 /ounce
Boneset $3.50 /ounce
Burdock Root $2.25 /ounce
Calamus (Sweet Flag) $1.75 /ounce
Calendula $2.75 /ounce
Caraway Seeds $1.50 /ounce
Cardamom Pods $5.50 /ounce Out of Stock
Catnip $4.25 /ounce
Chamomile $3.00 /ounce
Chasing Powder $2.00 /ounce
Chaste Tree Berries $1.75 /ounce
Cinnamon $2.00 /ounce
Cinquefoil $2.50 /ounce
Clay, Bentonite $1.25 /ounce
Clay, Morroccan Red $1.25 /ounce
Cloves $2.75 /ounce
Comfrey $2.50 /ounce
Copal $2.75 /ounce
Coriander $1.75 /ounce
Coriander Seed $1.75 /ounce
Cramp Bark $4.00 /ounce
Cubeb Berries $1.75 /ounce
Damiana $3.25 /ounce
Dandelion Root $2.00 /ounce
Devil's Shoestring $8.50 /ounce
Don Quai $2.75 /ounce
Dragon's Blood Resin $5.25 /ounce
Echinacea $2.50 /ounce
Elder Berries $2.75 /ounce
Elder Flowers $4.25 /ounce
Elecampane $1.75 /ounce
Eucalyptus $1.50 /ounce
Eyebright $2.75 /ounce
Fennel Seed $1.50 /ounce
Fenugreek $1.50 /ounce
Feverfew $3.00 /ounce
Frankincense $2.75 /ounce
Galangal $2.00 /ounce
Ginger Root $2.00 /ounce
Ginseng $2.75 /ounce
Gotu Kola $2.00 /ounce
Grains of Paradise $5.25 /ounce
Gum Arabic $2.75 /ounce
Hawthorne Berries $2.00 /ounce
Heather $2.00 /ounce
Hibiscus $1.75 /ounce
Horehound $1.75 /ounce
Horny Goat Weed $1.75 /ounce
Hyssop $2.75 /ounce
Irish Moss $3.00 /ounce

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