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Jessica Moon Maiden Neagle is a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Healer, and HeartWisdom Certified Circle Facilitator. Jessica works with shamanic tools on the energetic level intending to restore balance to facilitate healing and growth.

She also holds a B.A. in Human Development. She is a graduate of the Spiral Wisdom Program, founded and taught by shamanic practitioner, Katie Weatherup. She has received the Munay-ki Rites and is Level 2 attuned for Reiki healing. Jessica has apprenticed under shamanic practitioner, Mara "Clear Spring" Cook, for over a year. She is also a graduate of the HeartWisdom Circle Facilitators Training taught by Melissa Seaman.

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Shamanic Healing Session

I will use shamanic techniques to work on the spiritual level, working with the guides to clear out blockages and return lost power, restoring your connection to and awareness of your personal medicine, improving access to your full potential that resides within you. The healing can include: connecting you to a power animal, cord cutting and clearing, healing wounds from past lives, ancestral healing, inner child healing and personal messages from your guides. Restored connection brings you into right relationship with yourself and the world around us so that you can create the life you desire with more clarity, grace, and ease. This is a 60 min healing.

Shamanic Chakra Clearing and Healing

I will clear and balance, and if needed repair your chakras. First, we will talk briefly about what brings you to this healing. Then, I will use a Tibetan singing bowl to clear and align the chakras. Next, while you rest quietly and integrate, I will take a Journey and enter Shamanic Reality to speak to the guides on your behalf to make changes on the energetic level. Often I will come back with “homework,” recommendations from the guides. Finally, I will close with some Reiki to seal the healing. This is a 30 min healing.

One Issue Oracle Card Readings

A 15 min reading, where I connect you to divine wisdom using the Goddess Inspiration Oracle deck, addressing “one issue” that is up for you. Examples include “What are my next steps on my spiritual path?,” “How can I relate better with my romantic partner/family member/friend?,” “What messages do the guides have for my career transition?” or any other general question.

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