Introduction to Runes

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Introduction to Runes
With John Hijatt
Sunday, June 9th 5:30pm

*limited to 30 participants*
*pre registration suggested*
*5:30pm doors close and class begins!*

The writing system known as “the runes” was used in ancient Germanic, Scandinavian, and British regions for uses such as messages, markings, and magic. In the last few decades, they have become an important part of Heathen and divination practices.

This class will work with the Elder Futhark runes and connecting to them through historical, mythological, and personal experiences. You’ll be introduced to the basic rune meanings and how they can be used as a practical divination tool.

John Hijatt is an inclusive Heathen and has studied runes for nearly 20 years. He is host of Gifts of the Wyrd podcast which explores topics of magick, runes, tarot, oracle, and inclusive practices for today. He describes the casual interview style with authors, artists, and creators as “Heathen NPR.” He enjoys teaching, reading runes, and leading ritual at Tree of Life. John believes community to be an essential part of practice and a great place to start is at the Tree of Life Store.