Beltane Magical Mystery Package

-Only 30 of this package are available. -

The memory of winter has faded, and the air is warm and thick with the perfume of Life in full bloom. This is a celebration of Love and Passion. Beltane is a Fire Festival to ignite New Life within ourselves and all around us. Now is when we focus our magic towards manifesting creativity, passion, abundance, and the Joy of Life.

Celebrating this time of year is a tradition as old as celebrations themselves.
Add some joy and magic to your festivities with a Beltane package filled with magical treats and treasures.

Your Beltane Magical Mystery Package is guaranteed to include one of our Beltane Magical Candles and one of our Beltane crystal infused roll-on oils as well as some herbal magic to brighten your celebration, several items to be used in your Beltane rites, and some pieces to help you bring good energy into your life, including jewelry and crystals.

There will be a limited number of the Beltane Magical Candles for purchase separately.
The Beltane Crystal Oils are ONLY available in the Beltane mystery box.

Packages will be mailed (or ready for pick up) at least one week before May 1st.

If you order other items with the Beltane Package they will all come together with the Beltane Packages, if you don't want to wait for your other goodies do two separate orders (with just the Beltane Package in one order and anything else you'd like in the second). If you don't mind a little wait feel free to combine it all.

Beltane Magical Mystery Package

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Beltane Magical Mystery Package $39.00 /Each