Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Saturday July 29

Wise Women & Witches: Elements, Inner Seasons & Magic

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We will gather together to circle as women, an ancient and time honored way of being together. We will facilitate you in diving deeper into the internal landscape of the mind, soul, and psyche to uncover what is hidden and waiting to be discovered in relation to cycle, connection to the earth inherent magick as a woman. Your wisdom yearns to be known.

Through guided journeying meditation and visualization we will begin to experience our inner worlds. You will be held in a safe and sacred container to be witnessed in your expression and experience. We will help you discern which season you are in, and explore ways to nourish your internal landscape.

Through connection and community, we can alchemize our stories, reclaim our wisdom, understand our cycles, and give birth to something new.

Most importantly, we will gather as women. Truly, this is the magick, every time.!