Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Friday April 27

What's Your Rising sign? A New Introduction to Astrology

Most everyone knows their sun sign. But did you know you have many signs? Three are essential: moon, sun (of course), and ascendant (your rising sign). And it's this ascendant that people first notice about you, before they see your usually-more-subtle sun sign.

When astrologers read a birth chart, they regularly begin by noting these three distinctive elements. So important are they, that one could read a chart using only these three points, and it's this triad that our class will explore.

In the first half of this class, we will use the rising sign as doorway to your astrological houses, where we'll have a chat with sun and moon. I say "houses" because each element in astrology actually has a "house," a place where it resides, and it has personality (the signs), and it has family (aspects). House, sign and aspect-the three tools (another triad!) of chart interpretation.

In the second half of class, we'll practice interpretation of these elements in your own chart.

If you have a birth chart (also called a natal chart), please bring it. If you do not have a chart, Bill will draw one for you, if you get the info to Diana at least two days before class. You'll need to tell her three things (yet another three&45;some!): date of birth, birth time, and birthplace, such as city or nearest town. If you don't know your birth time (such as from a birth certificate), a closest guess will do, for the purposes of this class.

See you there