Transformative Meditation:
Personal & Group Practice to Access Realms of Consciousness
by: Gayle Clayton

The future of humanity requires adaptation to ensure its survival. We must change our destructive materialistic ways and protect the place that gives us life. Through enlightened groups, we must create a new world vision. A developing collective mind recognizes no borders, no political loyalties, or cultural prejudices. Transformative meditation groups serve as pathways to bring more people into awareness of the global mind.
-author Gayle Clayton

Modern science and technology have given us longer, healthier lives, connected continents instantly via the Internet, and made us more aware that we all share the same planet. But along with technological progress has come an increase in stress-related physical and mental health problems, the development of nuclear and biological weapons, and the onset of global warming. As humanity grows ever more complex, we must learn to balance our technological advances with the evolution of higher consciousness. One way to do that is through group or collective meditation.

This system of meditation creates a single identity capable of transforming individuals, groups, and the world as a whole. Author and group meditation facilitator Gayle Clayton provides advice and instructions for several varieties of both solitary and group meditation. Examine the nature of consciousness as you explore ways to increase moments of mystical awareness. Learn how to establish your own working meditation group, and explore exercises designed to foster both personal and planetary healing.