Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Friday August 16

The Power of Runes: Bind Runes & Rune Magic

If you took Runes 101 or are familiar with working with Runes, this class is a next step to working more with their energy in your life. In this class we will go over creating bind runes and calling upon their power to help pave the way for your intentions in the Universe. We will create a bind rune to aid you in accomplishing something for your greater and higher good. Come with a couple of things you want a little extra boost in the Universe and see how the runes and the guidance of the Gods and Goddesses can help you.

Previous rune classes are not a pre-requisite. If you have some understanding of the runes, that will be helpful.

John Hyatt John has been active in the San Diego Pagan community for over a decade. He is leader of the Kindred of the Northern Hammer (Heathen group) and Coast Oak Grove. He also discusses Heathen topics on his podcast: Gifts of the Wyrd.

John is honored to teach, read runes, and lead ritual at The Tree of Life. He believes community to be an essential part of our practice and a great place to start is at The Tree of Life.