Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Friday April 6

Shamanic Goddess Circle

Tantric Goddess

The Tantric Goddess reconnects you to your powerful body medicine and helps you begin a natural healing process with your own rich, primal energy.

Open your sensual pathways

Reclaim your sexual power

Remember your natural yumminess

Through movement, breath and guided journey we pry loose stuck energy and allow natural, feminine magic to flow in small rivulets or crashing waves. You may wish to bring a journal to take a few notes, or a stone, scarf or necklace to energize with this vibration. And, as always, you are invited to wear something that makes you feel like a GODDESS! Inspired by my own experiences, teachers and wise advice from The Goddess.

About the Shamanic Goddess Circle

Reawaken the Divine Feminine within you and reclaim your natural, wildish nature. Did you forget you were a Goddess in order to survive through the chaos of this world? Sink your roots into the ground and feel into the life-giving energy available to us all as women. Every month is different ? just like we are. Join in this open Circle and journey down the powerful rivers of feminine intuition and healing magic. You?ll learn and experience shamanic techniques for personal growth and healing and discover your own personal Goddess self.

Who is Mara Clear Spring Cook?

Mara is a Shamanic Healer, Teacher and Reiki Master. She leads the Shamanic Goddess Circles and Shamanic Drumming Circle, co-leads the Soul Song Circle, and teaches people how to follow the path of the shaman in six month training courses and intensives. Along with group work she sees private clients for soul retrieval, shamanic healing, energy healing, guided journey and more ? both in person and distance. She also teaches and installs the Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki as taught by Dr. Villoldo and the Four Winds Society.