Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Sunday October 28

Samhain Ritual and Celebration
with John Hyatt

As we enter the time of year where Autumn transitions quickly to Winter, there are a lot of changes in the air and energies about. This time of year is a special time for a many practices. Samhain, All Hallow&39;s Eve, All Souls Day, Hallowe&39;en, Winter Finding, and others all have some common ways to recognize the thinning of the veils for the times when the ancestors can visit again.

Ancestors are not only those of our blood line. In addition to our blood ancestors, they are:

•Those who have influenced us (such as a beloved teacher, mentor, friend)
•Inspired us (such as a prominent figure or someone with an inspiring story)
•Adopted us (our adopted families are also our ancestors)
•Those who explored and fought for causes (such as Equal Rights, ending slavery, military, etc)

At this event, let&39;s honor those who have crossed over who may have a message of encouragement, challenge, reprimand, or love.
You may want to bring an image or a name of someone you would like to remember at this event. (Please make it about a 2x2 size to accommodate for others).

Joh Hyatt is a member of the San Diego Pagan Community for over a decade. He is leader of the Kindred of the Northern Hammer (an inclusive Heathen group) and co&45;founder of the Coast Oak Grove. He also hosts a podcast on topics of inclusive Heathenry (Gifts of the Wyrd).
John is honored to be a part of the activities at Tree of Life. He believes a diverse community to be an essential part of our practice and a great place to start is at the Tree of Life.