Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Friday November 2

Runes 101: The Runes Revealed

7pm $20

Runes have been used in Northern European lands (Germanic, Scandinavian, and British) since the second century BCE for a variety of purposes. These purposes included writing, branding, protection, magic, and divination. The progression of the Roman Empire and its religious practice eventually rendered the rune systems all but obsolete.

Archeological studies of the last 200 years have brought the runic systems back into a place of interest. With the growth of the modern neo-Pagan movement and Heathen practice (such as Asatru), runes have made a resurgence in North America and their native lands primarily used for magic and divination.

This class will explore the power of the runes as we connect with them as a tool to gain insights from the Gods & Goddesses. This class will explain the meanings of the Elder Futhark runes as we begin our journey to use them in our practice wisely and effectively.

John has been a member of the San Diego Pagan Community for over a decade. He is co-founder of Coast Oak Grove (San Diego's Druid Grove) and co-leader of the Kindred of the Northern Hammer (a Heathen Kindred celebrating the Gods of the Northern lands). He is devoted to Freya and Odin and is currently active in the Lore Program of The Troth.

John is honored to teach, read runes, and lead ritual at The Tree of Life. He believes community to be an essential part of our practice and a great place to start is at The Tree of Life.