Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Friday June 29

Rose Medicine

Roses are so much more than a beautiful flower! Considered a powerful energetic force in the plant world, come learn all the lovely ways that roses can bring joy, magick and healing into your hearts and home.

In this yummy session, we will be learning about rose medicine, how it is used for healing and natural beauty, not to mention a slew of delicious samples from various types of rose products - that you’ll get to learn how to make! This class will also include a demonstration of the traditional, indigenous Mexican ritual called a “limpia” or an energetic cleansing, using... you guessed it, roses.

This class is jam packed with amazing scents, tastes and exploration!

Well prepared students will bring a notebook, a pen, and a spoon that you can use to sample! Bring a lovely spoon so we save the planet from the plastic stuff.

Starlight Mundy is an enthusiastic playmate on the metaphysical playground. She leads classes to explore the Cosmic Playground. Her background includes education in traditional healing, indigenous medicine, crystal healing, rose readings (from the Berkeley Psychic Institute), Theta Healing®, and western herbalism. An herbalist, light worker and tech nerd, Starlight loves reveling in big peachy bites of life and has the singular goal of sharing those moments with the likeminded.