Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Friday August 17

Pure Imagination with Oracle Cards

Are you drawn to divination but not sure which type to use? Let the oracle cards open the world of cartomancy for you.

You may be familiar with Tarot, Runes, Ogham, and I-Ching, but how do oracle cards differ from these methods? Oracle cards can help you with insights and help you to find other ways to look at an issue.

This system of divination comes in a variety of topics and artistic styles which allow for a flexibility of interpretation and personalization. Decks have been designed using a variety of topics from flowers to fairies, fictional characters to pop-culture, and Divine beings to beings of the natural world.

Join us for an evening of exploring this divination tool that connects to our imagination and inner self. Our hands-on class will include selecting a deck (or how it chooses you), using and creating spreads, interpretation, creating your own, and putting it into action.

Bring your favorite deck(s) to unlock the wisdom and messages ready to be revealed to you. Don’t have one yet? No problem, pick one up from the many available at Tree of Life.

John Hyatt, aka Jan Tjeerd, has been working with runes and oracle cards for over a decade. In addition to teaching and readings at the Tree of Life, he hosts the Gifts of the Wyrd podcast (discussing inclusive, modern Heathen practices) and has created The Christmas Oracle deck as well as a deck based on DC Comic book characters. He is a member of the Troth and ADF and is active in San Diego's Pagan community as Gothi of the Kindred of the Northern Hammer (an inclusive Heathen group) and co-founder of Coast Oak Grove (Druids).