Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Wednesday September 25

Psychic Safekeeping

Psychic Safekeeping: Self Defense for the Energetically Sensitive

Being empathetic and psychic is a gift for anyone who wants to explore it. Sometimes life can get a little sticky, leaving us feeling run down, emotionally drained or physically weak - especially for those of us who are dubbed “sensitive”.

In Psychic Safekeeping you will learn multiple ways to help you center, ground, remain present and feel at ease with the roller coaster of life! Psychic Safekeeping is the 101 class for psychic development. This class will draw from many different modalities, teaching you how to create safe energetic space around yourself, regardless of where you are physically. We’ll learn a couple techniques; you’ll get a recipe or two (chocolate!), and practice some of the techniques together. By the end of class you’ll be feeling blissed out, and have an arsenal of safekeeping skills to use for yourself and your friends.

Starlight Mundy is an enthusiastic playmate on the metaphysical playground. She leads classes to explore the Cosmic Playground. Her background includes education in traditional healing, indigenous medicine, crystal healing, rose readings (from the Berkeley Psychic Institute), Theta Healing, and western herbalism. An herbalist, light worker and tech nerd, Starlight loves reveling in big peachy bites of life and has the singular goal of sharing those moments with the likeminded.