Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Friday March 11

Oracle Cards: Beyond the Tarot


Part I: Introduction to Oracular Divination

Come play with Oracle cards

practice using your intuition through these fabulous tools

Oracle card readings can help you make decisions, calm and ground you, give you new insight about a problem or creative project, point you towards other tools and practices that can move energy on a stagnant situation. During the workshop you will explore:

•Discover the nuances of oracle cards and methods

•How to choose a deck (or how it chooses you!)

•How to connect with your deck and infuse it with your energy

Learning and practicing a powerful spread that will have you reading for yourself and others that day!

Do you have a deck that you have not utilized yet? Bring it with you and unlock the wisdom and messages your guides are ready to share with you. Don?t have a deck, yet? There will be some there to borrow for the evening or come early and purchase a new one for yourself!