Moon Phase Candles by Kathy Cybele



Moon Phase Candles by Kathy Cybele are blended and poured by hand by a magic practitioner who is trained in harvesting and channeling the energy of the moon. These candles bring together different and powerful energies to assist you in your spell working including; channeled moon energy, nature's “numen” energy from the plants and resins contained within the pure essential oils and color magic. Each candle is made from natural Palm wax infused with pure essential oils and blended to create rich and vibrant colors.


The following candles are created during the waxing moon phase to empower your magick:

ATTRACTION: Use this candle to attract energies, situations, people or anything that you desire. Essential oils used for their ability to attract are blend together to create this powerful spell candle.

HEALTH AND HEALING: This candle can help you focus on your health, and it can be used to attract to you people, events, and energies that will positively impact your health.

HOUSE CLEANSING: Burn this candle to cleanse your space of any negativity or ill feelings.

LOVE: Use to enhance love in your life, attract new love and to promote love of self.

PEACE: This candle can bring peace to stressful situations and help you find a calm, restful state of mind.

PROSPERITY: Terrific for spells involving prosperity in finances, creativity, and life.

PSYCHIC SELF DEFENSE: Use this candle to protect yourself against negative energy being sent your way.

SPIRITUALITY: The candle contains a blend of essential oils that promote spirituality and connection with deity.

TRUE SIGHT: Use this candle to help yourself, or others, see the truth of a situation. Terrific for divination and legal matters. A piece of quartz crystal is embedded in the candle for an added magickal boost.

God and Goddess

Moon Phase God Candle

Moon Phase Goddess Candle

Created During The Waning Moon

The following candles are created during the waning moon phase to empower your magick:

BANISHING: Created during the waning moon. Use this candle to help you banish and release habits, situations, lack, and other things that you wish to remove from your life.

REFLECT AND RETURN: Use this candle when you feel that others may be sending you thoughts or energy that you don’t want to absorb. Return those thoughts to their sender!

REMOVE OBSTACLES Use this candle to remove obstacles between you and what you desire.

Elemental Spell Candles

These elemental spell candles were created using the classic attributes for each of the four elements. They can be used in ritual as a set or individually to evoke the attribute of a specific direction:

AIR: Blended and poured at sunrise during the waxing moon. Air energy can be used for intuition, knowledge, beginnings, creativity, communication and travel. Attributes of Air: Direction - East, Color - Yellow, Time of Day - Sunrise, Archangel - Raphael.

FIRE: Blended and poured at noon during the waxing moon. Fire energy can be used for passion, courage, protection, purification, transformation, lust, and sex. Attributes of Fire: Direction - South, Color - Red, Time of Day - Noon, Archangel - Michael.

WATER: Blended and poured at sunset during the waxing moon. Water energy can be used for emotion, love, intuition, daring, communication with those that have crossed over, and divination. Attributes of Water: Direction - West, Color - Blue, Time of Day - sunset, Archangel - Gabriel.

EARTH: Blended and poured at midnight during the waxing moon. Earth energy can be used for growth, birth, material gain, business, prosperity, sustenance, and creativity. Attributes of Earth: Direction - North, Color - Green, Time of Day - midnight, Archangel - Uriel.

Divinity Candles

GOD: A blending of essential oils and real gold (historically attributed to the masculine energy of divinity). Burn to connect with, to honor, or to request guidance from the God.

GODDESS: This candle is made with real silver (historically attributed to the feminine energy of divinity). Burn to connect with, to honor, or to request guidance from the Goddess.

MAIDEN OF THE CRESCENT MOON: Created during the crescent moon to honor the Maiden. Its color is the brilliant white of the crescent moon as it sits in the starlit sky. The crescent moon is often called the Bow of Diana – a classic maiden Goddess and the patroness of Witches. The maiden is the embodiment of Spring and the joy of fresh, untapped energies and potential. Use her energy to begin new projects and to take a fresh look at old situations and habits.

MOTHER OF THE FULL MOON: Created on the Full Moon to honor the Goddess in all her abundance as Mother. Its color is a beautiful silvery blue reminiscent of moonlight. The pull of the Full Moon is immense, and it calls to our souls to come out and dance in remembrance of simple joys and powerful magick. Use this candle to connect with Full Moon energy and to assist your spell workings. The energy of the Goddess of the Full Moon can be used to bring your wishes and desires to fruition.

CRONE OF THE DARK MOON: Created on the Dark Moon to honor the Crone / Dark Goddess. Its color is the dark purple of the moonless night sky, lit only by the stars. She is the firm but gentle Grandmother, who will hold you close and give you the strength you need to explore the dark night of the soul, then she will stand you on your feet and send you on your way to do the work necessary to grow. She is also the torch bearer who lights your way as you walk this path. Her energy deals with deep inner workings, endings, releasing that which binds, and preparing one’s self for renewal. Use this candle to connect with the Crone‘€™s energy.