Magical Oil Blends

All of our Magickal Oils are created by hand from a proprietary blend of the finest natural and essential oils available,
right here in our location in San Diego!

Name Price Order


Thieves Oil
$5.25 /dram
Attraction Oil $5.25 /dram
Banishing Oil $5.25 /dram
Beltaine Oil $5.25 /dram
Blessing (Anointing) Oil $5.25 /dram
Clearing Oil $5.25 /dram
Dark Moon Oil $5.25 /dram
Full Moon Oil $5.25 /dram
Goddess Oil $5.25 /dram
Happiness Oil $5.25 /dram
Healing Oil $5.25 /dram
Imbolc Oil $5.25 /dram
Lammas Oil $5.25 /dram
Midsummer Oil $5.25 /dram
Love Oil $5.25 /dram
Love Yourself Oil $5.25 /dram
Mabon Oil $5.25 /dram
Money Draw Oil $5.25 /dram
Ostara Oil $5.25 /dram
Passion Oil $5.25 /dram
Prosperity Oil $5.25 /dram
Protection Oil $5.25 /dram
Samhain Oil $5.25 /dram
Yule Oil $5.25 /dram