Incense and Smudge

Each incense blend is a loose mix of natural and essential oils, herbs, and resins.
We grind and mix each blend by hand in our store in San Diego to provide our customers with only the highest quality incense.


Name Price Order
Charcoal $3.00 /pack

Home Blessing Bundle Home Blessing Bundle

Includes a sage, palo santo, and selenite wand.

Name Price Order
Home Blessing Bundle $11.00 /pack


Name Price Order
Cedar Bundle $4.25 /each
Dragons Blood White Sage Bundle $5.25 /each
Mugwort Bundle $5.25 /each
Palo Santo $3.25 /stick
Sweetgrass Braid $10.25 /braid
White Sage Bundle $4.25 /each

Magic Incense Blends

Name Price Order
Attraction Incense $5.25 /oz
Gaia Incense $3.75 /oz
Love Incense $3.75 /oz
Dark Moon Incense $3.75 /oz
Full Moon Incense $3.75 /oz
Home Blessing Incense $3.75 /oz
Dream Incense $3.75 /oz
Love Yourself $3.75 /oz
Passion Incense $3.75 /oz
Prosperity Magic Incense $3.75 /oz
Protection Incense $2.25 /oz Out of Stock
Purification Incense $3.75 /oz
Clearing Incense $2.25 /oz

Elemental Magic Incense Blends

Name Price Order
Air Incense $3.75 /oz
Fire Incense $3.75 /oz
Water Incense $3.75 /oz
Earth Incense $3.75 /oz

Ritual Magic Incense Blends

Name Price Order
Samhain Ritual Incense $3.75 /oz
Yule Ritual Incense $3.75 /oz
Imbolc Ritual Incense $3.75 /oz
Ostara Ritual Incense $3.75 /oz
Beltane Ritual Incense $3.75 /oz
Midsummer Ritual Incense $3.75 /oz
Lammas Ritual Incense $3.75 /oz
Mabon Ritual Incense $3.75 /oz