Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Friday June 30

Lenormand Class

What is Lenormand?

Lenormand is a French form of cartomancy started in the 18th Century by Marie Anne Lenormand. She was consulted by Empress Josephine and Robespierre during the French Revolution. The traditional system uses just 36 cards, with very specific meaning. Readings are done by using all of the cards, and reading cards in pairs (or more). A Lenormand reading tends to be more objective and blunt than tarot.

What is the class about?

This class is meant to whet the appetite to try a new-to-us form of divination. We will get a quick overview of all the cards, and their history. There will a hand-out with keywords for each one of the cards. We’ll cover the spreads, and basic ways to read the cards. At the end of the class students will be able to start using a Lenormand deck, and give basic readings.

In depth

Students will learn the history of Lenormand, briefly. We‘ll discuss how they‘re different from tarot, and oracle decks. When is the best time to use Lenormand versus a traditional Tarot reading. How to do a Lenormand reading, the traditional method (le grand jeu), and some of the modern methods. We’ll suggest some excellent resources for further study.

Who is Fred West?

Fred has been a card reader for over 30 years. He got into Tarot accidentally; the cards literally fell into his lap. Having been given the gift of Tarot, he set about learning and studying about them, and found he had a powerful gift as an oracle. He has started to incorporate Lenormand, a french card reading system, into his practice. Lenormand is excellent for when you have a specific question that you would like insight on. He has read all over the country, and has been on several radio shows. He has worked for conventions, events, private clients, and has even read for celebrities.

His goal is to help folks see their lives with new and fresh perspectives, and offer some "next steps" to tackle life. The cards are powerful tools that allow for powerful dialogue, and he wants to share that with all his clients. Come in and see what the Universe has to say to you!!