L.A. Witch:
Fiona Horne's Guide to Coven Magick
by: Fiona Horne

After nineteen years as a practicing Witch, I feel it is now appropriate to create a guide to meet the needs of “newcomers” to the Craft. For those who just want to get together and make magick in an easy yet potent way, this book is a guide to getting into Witchcraft, honoring nature, and being together . . . now! -Fiona Horne


Celebrity Witch, Fiona Horne, packed her spell bag and moved from Down Under to sunny Cali to see what Hollywood had in store for her hip, compassionate, and sexy practice of Witchcraft! What Fiona found was that her nature-based spiritual Craft grounded her in the fast-paced, material culture of Los Angeles and inspired her to create a coven of Witches.

With intelligence and style, Fiona shows how to get together with magickally-minded souls to form a coven that's just the right fit. Outside your coven, Fiona offers lively ideas for get-togethers-from glam Goddess Gatherings to intimate Witch-inspired tea parties-for anyone who cares to sprinkle a bit of magick into their lives. Fiona dispels the myth that your rituals have to follow any strict rules-trust in your intuition to practice witchcraft the way you want to!