Chakra Reading, Balancing & Cleansing with Kathy Cybele at Tree of Life


Kathy Cybele was raised in an Irish household where her mother filled her days with fairytales, Brownies (both the chocolate and the small mischievous kind) and magick. Thus, when Kathy found the path of Witchcraft in 1988, she knew she had come home. In 1992 Kathy joined a Celtic/Garderian coven, received her degrees, and was elevated to the rank of elder and High Priestess. Kathy founded and lead The Circle of the Sacred Meadow from 1998 – 2010.

Kathy still enjoys teaching locally and has taught over 200 classes. Some of Kathy’s classes are available as e-books on For more information you can visit Kathy’s webpage at


Chakra Cleansing and Balancing

Within your body there exists seven swirling energy centers; these energy centers are called the chakras. When your chakras are blocked you can experience physical & emotional problems and life can become very challenging. When your chakras are unblocked and working in harmony your energy flows freely and your life is blessed.

Negative thoughts can also impede the natural flow of our energy. Negative thoughts, both those sent externally and those we generate ourselves, often stick to our energy and can impede our lives in many ways. These negative thoughts are often perceived by energy workers as swords piercing our bodies. Kathy will cleanse and balance your Chakras and give you any psychic insights she receives from your energy. In addition Kathy will pull any “swords” she finds and give you an in-depth interpretation of what she sees and how the “sword” may be impacting your life.