Bill Jarosin Presents: Moon-Phase Astrology at Tree of Life

The Hunter’s Moon
October 7 – November 4, 2010

The second full moon after the autumnal equinox (about September 22) is called the Hunter’s Moon or, depending on the tradition involved, any number of other names: Snow Moon, White Moon, Blood Moon, Sorting or Culling Moon (this last according to Annette Hinshaw in Earthtime Moontime). In any case, the underlying idea in northern hemisphere cultures is preparation for the coming winter, which includes the third and last traditional harvest, this time of animals, hence the Hunter’s Moon, when animal hides and meats are prepped, salted, and stored; also fabrics mended, barns repaired, canning of fruits and vegetables undertaken.

Metaphorically for those of us in urban culture—or living in the southern hemisphere where summer is approaching—the theme is transition: a new cycle approaching. I take this idea, gratefully, from Annette Hinshaw (just mentioned above). There is a polarity at play throughout the lunar year; here, between a celebration of nascent physical maturity and an honoring of the coming retrenchment of nature. Both are liminal states—“ between-the-worlds” times. Indeed, Samhain (Halloween), traditionally the portal between this world and the next is thinnest, usually falls in the Hunter’s Moon. And Beltane, May Day, opposite to Samhain in the year, is when upsurging sexuality and resplendent nature flowers in mid-spring; it usually falls under the Flower Moon (or Mating Moon, as Hinshaw calls it, but also known as the Corn, Hare, or Grass Moon). The Flower moon is liminal in that the act of physical union, which bridges the material separation of individuals, is honored in celebration at this time—about May 5).

The Phases

As mentioned above: 1. new (in the heart of the dark moon, though some argue that “ new” should refer to the first sign of the crescent sliver), 2. waxing (growing) crescent, 3. first quarter, 4. waxing gibbous (3/4 full), 5. full, 6. disseminating (waning—or diminishing--gibbous), 7. last quarter, 8. balsamic (waning crescent), and 9. dark moon.

Dates given below are for the “ height” of each phase, based on angle to the sun. Exact times on the 24-hour clock are given for the New and Full Moons; GMT = Greenwich Mean Time (London), EDT = Eastern Daylight Time (New York), PDT = Pacific Daylight Time (Los Angeles).

In practical terms, though, there is no precise delineation from one phase to the next; expect about one day either side of the date for a “ coming into” that phase and a “ passing onto” the next; allow two days either side for the full moon.

Where two astrological signs are mentioned in a heading, it means that that phase begins late in the first astrological sign listed, and so is rooted in that energy, but moves substantially through the following sign.

October 7
New Moon in Libra
18:44 GMT, 14:44 EDT, 11:44 PDT

New moons cannot be seen; they are “ held inside” the sun—conjunct, in astrological jargon. From the Earth’s viewpoint, they are aligned (though usually not precisely with the earth; that would be a solar eclipse). The day before and for about a day afterwards here, October 6 – 8), a New Moon is more specifically called the Dark Moon, a time to retrench, rest, re-imagine, and get ready. This is not primarily physical, except as our spirit and emotions are carried in energetic patterns within the body. It is a time for introspection or retrospective upon the previous cycle. Should you actually stop the day and withdraw? No. This phase is a time or remembrance, a time to include reflection in (and on) one’s daily activities. In Libra, and being of the Hunter’s Moon month, we might consider the necessities calling us to closure with those we are strongly attached to, both in love or hate. What needs to be concluded, what words said or forgiven, what bridges mended, what let go? Over the next few days, be aware of what is said to you and how; weigh in contemplation the inner heart of such communications.

October 11
Waxing Crescent Moon in Sagittarius

A waxing (growing) crescent moon is the child, a flower just budding. It is new beginnings. In Sagittarius and of the Hunter’s Moon, it is dynamic, chomping at the bit to get on with things and out of the way. Again, this is more a matter of psychological understanding than outer activity, but suggests (in general) a fortuitous time to take up an intention with energy towards getting finished and done with (or fully under way with) something needing completion, perhaps a new beginning for a shelved need, or perhaps initiating action towards that relationship mentioned under the new moon. Over the next few days, consider what moves you, what dreams have been incomplete, and what you would like to do about them; would you like to let them go or finally bring them about? Feel this on a walk, in the car, riding a bike, in dance; go somewhere with soul, and it will move you in return.

October 14 First Quarter Moon in Capricorn

Now the initial spring has sprung and Capricorn brings an element of hard work applied to an idea that is out in the open. What at hand needs your attention? What emotions emoted—hugs snuggled in or slaps sent forth? Do it now—not urgent, merely opportune.

October 18
Waxing Gibbous Moon in Aquarius and Pisces

How did it go? Anyone hugged back into sentience? Or slapped into hell? Feel good? I hope so, ‘cause whatever you sowed a few days ago, you reap here—a vivid, engaging, perhaps bracing response. Nothing? Were you listening? Who needs to shout hello or goodbye to you? Facilitate that, if you haven’t been hit with it yet. The moon also runs through Pisces in this phase, so take the “ hit” in, let it go through, and move on; here comes the full moon.

October 22 / 23
Full Moon in Aries
01:36 October 23 GMT, 21:36 October 22 EDT, 18:36 PDT


The height of the Hunter’s Moon energy is at hand. Full means replete, available, and hanging out there—butt in the sling, so to speak. That which has risen in meaning of intensity (or both) in the last two weeks will shine forth now. Time to be active, forceful, direct—with yourself in your attempts to reorder, sort, clarify and conclude. Time to prepare for that chillier (or hotter) internal climate approaching. Aries intensifies your intention, seeks creative expression, takes risks. So grab the goat by the horns and wrestle your meaning to the ground—where you sit exhausted but full, ready for the day to wane and the night to rise along your spine as knowledge of the inner meaning of it all: to live in the world with spit-and-fire, fully alive. The moon moves out of Aries, through Taurus and Gemini in this phase—an education of soul.

October 26
Disseminating (Waning Gibbous) Moon in Gemini and Cancer

The height of achievement is over and dispersion of energies begins, though only with hints and sighs. The moon moves out of the thoughtful considerations of Gemini in this phase, into the astrological sign of Cancer, which is the moon’s natural home; it is happy here. So be at rest now; no worries. Gently let the waters (emotions, memories, dreams) slip though the sieve of your mind. Sadness is possible, a kind of anti-climax. Take a bubble bath in candlelight, or a walk on the moonlit beach (or desert sands). Listen to the trees. Write a poem. Submerge yourself in music.

October 30
Last Quarter Moon in Leo

Take a deep breath . . . and roar, ‘cause you’re not done yet. Time to pan for gold, to dig the essentials of your recent past from the mud of time. What hangs fire? What cries for the application of passion, like tinder in a fire ring waiting the match? What has been your passion, your tinder waiting the flame? Seek that now—prowl for understanding, drama, and joy.

November 2
Balsamic (Waning Crescent) Moon in Virgo

How appropriate to prepare for “ sleep” (the dark moon) in Virgo, that assiduous chronicler of the remains of the day. Time to get quiet and studious, reflecting upon the process of the last month, analyzing pros and cons, putting yeses in the Pro column, noes in the Con. Think, turn it over, think again, and sleep, where Morpheus takes it all, transforms it though Luna, and hands you the new day, a new light, an-other self.

November 4 – 6
Dark Moon in Libra and Scorpio

Get ready to wake to a passionate day. A healing sleep of the Balsamic Moon morphs into a new intensity, an urge to know in every fiber the inner heart of this new moon dawning (November 5). Let dreams churn you, desires move you. Put on your water wings and stand ankle deep in those waves (your sea of soul) that break on this beach and stretch out to the horizon before you.

Stay tuned!