Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Friday January 25

Getting Comfortable with the Court Cards of the Tarot

The Court Cards consist of the 16 royalty cards, 4 for each suit. The court cards tend to present challenges to all readers, whether just starting out or with tons of experience. We're going to get to know who all these people are, and how to incorporate their energies into your readings.

What the Class is about

The class will shed light on what the cards are, and how to read them. The aim is to make students more comfortable with confronting the court cards within readings. I’'ll share some techniques and spread that only use Court Cards.

In Depth

We'll discuss the varying representation of court cards across decks. The histories behind the images. How to use the Court Cards in readings. We're also going to discuss when multiple court cards appear in a reading and what that means.

Fred West has been a card reader for over 30 years. He got into Tarot accidentally; the cards literally fell into his lap. Having been given the gift of Tarot, he set about learning and studying about them, and found he had a powerful gift as an oracle. He has started to incorporate Lenormand, a french card reading system, into his practice. Lenormand is excellent for when you have a specific question that you would like insight on. He has read all over the country, and has been on several radio shows. He has worked for conventions, events, private clients, and has even read for celebrities.

His goal is to help folks see their lives with new and fresh perspectives, and offer some "next steps" to tackle life. The cards are powerful tools that allow for powerful dialogue, and he wants to share that with all his clients.