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Enochian Tarot
by Gerald and Betty Schueler
and Sallie Ann Glassman

Now you can use the special kit that combines one of the most useful spiritual tools, the Tarot, with what some believe is the most potent magical system today, when you get The Enochian Tarot by Gerald and Betty Schueler with art by Sallie Ann Glassman.

This mini-kit contains an 86-card deck and 144-page mini-book. The first thing you will note is that the number of cards is greater than that of a standard Tarot deck. Not only does this allow the Tarot to fit into the Enochian system, it has extra ideas and concepts which can give greater insights during readings or in your personal meditations.

The art in The Enochian Tarot is astounding. Filled with swirling energy and the passion that is the basis of Dr. John Dee's Enochian system, the art will help you open new doors in the lives of your clientsand yourself.

The book is the same shape as the cards, so everything fits together in its neat, colorful box. The book includes everything needed to make this mini-kit become part of your understanding and your life:

-The basis of the Enochian Tarot system
-The nature of Enochian magic
-How the Enochian Tarot works
-Divinatory meanings for all 86 cards
-Seven divinatory layouts, including: The three-card Pyramid Spread
-The seven-card Enochian Spread
-The ten-card Tree of Life Spread
-A thirteen-card layout

-The Enochian Tarot contemplation ritual
-The Enochian Tarot yes/no answer ritual
-How to use the Enochian Tarot in pathworking
-A sample reading

One of the problems many people have is coming up with a way to learn a new divinatory system. That is resolved in The Enochian Tarot mini-kit. Included in the book are two study programs. First, there is a two-week study program for beginners. Once you have mastered it, you can move on to the four-week advanced study program.

Everything is included in this mini-kit. You need nothing else to learn the Enochian system or the Tarot. Get this powerful tool for your own spiritual advancement and to help others. Get The Enochian Tarot mini