Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Friday April 12

Crafting Magickal Incenses

Join us for this hands-on workshop in which students will learn to craft and use their own magical incense blends. Each student will leave with an understanding of the basic principles of incense magic, as well as magical incenses that they have created themselves for their own magical purposes.

Bring your mortar and pestle if you have one!

Diana has studied Witchcraft, Wicca, and Goddess Spirituality since she was a young Diana. She is an eclectic solitary Witch who practices a Joyous Ecstatic Tradition heavily influenced by Wicca and Goddess Spirituality.

As an active member of the San Diego Metaphysical Community and owner/ operator of Tree of Life Metaphysical Books and Gifts in San Diego Diana teaches many classes on the Craft, including her popular "Crafts of the Craft" series which include Love Magick Workshops, Candle Magick Workshops, Magickal Incense Workshops, and Magickal Amulet Workshops, just to name a few.