Chakras and their Associations

Chakras are the energetic centers of the body. The concept of Chakras originates from the Kundalini theory of esoteric anatomy, and though Hindu in origin was influential in the developement of Chinese medicine, Alchemy, and Theosophy. Theosophy brought the concept of the Chakras to the western world, where it was taken up by the burgeoning Pagan and New Age movements.

Chakra are the energetic centers of the body from a Hindu perspective,and were influential in the developement of Chinese medicine and Alchemy. These are representations of the Chakras.
Chakra Color Associations
Crown Violet
Spirit/Creation/White Light
Empathy & Connectedness
Top of the Head, The Brain
Nervous System
Third Eye Indigo Psychic Awareness
(outer & inner)
Right Seeing, Right Hearing
Clairvoyance & More
Forehead & Temples
Throat Blue Akasha/Ether
Expression & recieving
Transition from the Physical to the Spiritual
Arms, Legs, Throat & Mouth
Heart Green Air
Heart, blood, lungs, circulatory system, immune system
Solar Plexus Yellow Fire
Ego, Sense of Self
Power & Control Issues
Digestion, Muscles, Skin, Sight (eyes)
Sacral Plexus Orange Water
Desire, Creativity, Pleasure
Wants vs. Needs
Sexual Organs & Lumbar
Root/Base Red or Black Earth
Foundation, the Seat of Physical Power
Groundedness & Attachment to the Physical World
Security & Survival
Base/Animal Instincts
Perinium, Lower Body, Nose, Organs of Elimination